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March 2010


The International Directory of Spinecare Products was developed by the International Spine Association (ISA) with assistance from the American Academy of Spine Physicians (AASP). The directory is managed by the ISA. This innovative online directory was designed to help bridge the gap between the public, healthcare professionals, and companies which serve the spinecare and home healthcare fields. Select companies are invited to list products which can be used to improve spinehealth. Companies which participate in the AASP or ISA Buying Advantage Program are required to provide special offers and/or discounts to members.

General public membership with the ISA is free. This level of membership allows access to online information about the spine, spinehealth, and available spinecare 24/7. Supporting Members of the ISA pay a small annual fee and subsequently have access to Buying Advantage Progam offers acknowledged on the International Directory of Spinecare Products.

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