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May 2003



The AASP developed a relationship with a framing company, Framing Success, to provide members of AASP with high quality custom framing. Framing is available for AASP Member, AASP Diplomate and ACSP Fellow certificates. The matting and frame will be of the highest quality featuring Italian hardwood molding. Only true conservative archive-quality mat board is used that exceeds Library of Congress standards for document preservation providing the ultimate protection from damaging pollutants and harmfull contaminates. All of the frames are handmade to the specs of the certificates.


The AASP chose to work with Framing Success because of their excellent track record working with profession organizations such as the American Association of Neurological Surgeons, American College of Physicians, American Society of Internal Medicine, and the American Board of Medical Genetics.  This product will provide each member the opportunity to proudly display their membership with the AASP as well as the prestigious Diplomate or Fellow Certificates. Information about the custom matting and framing will be available on the AASP website towards the end of June. Each new member will receive information about this with each certificate sent by regular mail.

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