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January 2010


The American Academy of Spine Physicians (AASP) continues to add and improve member benefits. The AASP recognizes that it can be difficult for busy healthcare professionals to remain aware of all which is available to them. To help overcome this challenge the AASP has developed a few unique resources to make this task easier.  Each AASP member can now access an Online Benefit Implementation Guide to facilitate the use of practice development resources and patient education resources. The guide serves as a practical list of steps which can be taken to implement the various member benefits. It can be downloaded from the member area of the AASP website stored on a computer and/or printed. The AASP will continue to refine and update the Benefit Implementation Guide throughout the membership year. New and improved practice development resources will be made available on a regular basis and the steps for their implementation will be added to the guide. 
AASP members are automatically enrolled in a Benefit Reminder Program which entitles members to receive email notification with a featured member benefit one time per week during the membership year. Therefore the each member will receive a review of each of the 26 featured member benefits about two times throughout the membership year. This reminder service will help keep each member informed about the resources available to them. Each weekly featured benefit update will include an active link to the "Benefit Implementation Guide", the "Academy News" and to "Member Testimonials" about the specific benefit. Each email will also provide a link directly to the resources for the benefit featured. The expanded benefit information and related testimonials will also be available on the AASP website for members to access at any time.

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