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December 2009


There is a growing use of the internet to locate and learn more about healthcare providers. A number of online directories are emerging to facilitate this approach. Many people are not as interested in looking for an individual as they are about locating premier/specialized facilites sometimes referred to as Centers of Excellence”. Most of the multidisciplinary Spinecare Centers are emerging as part of hospital or large healthcare systems. Users of the internet are beginning to recognize the disparity in the delivery of spinecare between geographic regions and healthcare facilites. For example, some facilites have leading edge technologies with established multidisciplinary staffs whereas others are very limited in their philosophy and approaches.   

The public is also very interested in how many procedures are performed and their outcome, a factor larger facilites are more likely to publish.  Large spinecare facilites are more likely to attract leaders in the field of spinecare. This influence further adds to the potential of the whole integrated spinecare team. The American Academy of Spine Physicians will be working with the International Spine Association to develop the International Directory of Multidisciplinary Spinecare Facilites. The Directory is schedule to be launched during April of 2010.   

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