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July 2008


The American Academy of Spine Physicians (AASP) has opened up its online National Directory of Spine Physicians to all licensed physicians who care for the spine. Physicians do not have to be a member of the AASP to obtain a listing on the directory. Those who are members of the AASP have greater visibility on the directory with a higher ranking, acknowledgement as members with an AASP logo and via an expanded professional profile page. The free directory listing offer is provided as part of the AASP National Spinecare Awareness Campaign. This free offer may be available for a limited time. One of the goals of this opportunity is to increase the density of listings in geographic locations which are not currently well represented. This will improve the ability for the public to locate spine specialists and it provides physicians with an opportunity to enhance their recognition as a spine specialist.  

All professionals who are listed on the National Directory of Spine Physicians are considered “Directory Members” of the AASP. The benefits assigned are very limited compared to those of AASP members. Directory members are entitled to receive the AASP eNews and they can login in 24/7 and modify their online directory listing. Directory members are eligible to apply for full membership with the AASP.


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