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February 2008


The prevalence of spine and related-disorders has grown to epidemic proportions.  Consumers are influenced less by traditional marketing approaches and are looking to national organizations and their healthcare providers for recommendations about spinecare and products which can be used to improve the health of the spine. The American Academy of Spine Physicians (AASP), like the American Heart Association (AHA), and the American Diabetes Association (ADA), is in a position of influence and, therefore, assumes the responsibility to educate the public and members of the healthcare profession about spinecare-related topics. This is a big task and requires the team effort of professionals, educational in situations, organizations and corporate contributors.


The AASP, one of the largest and fastest growing organizations of its kind, represents physicians of all disciplines who care for the spine. The AASP launched a National Spinecare Awareness Campaign to educate healthcare professionals, patients and the pubic about the spine and available spinecare. The Campaign has numerous initiatives. To help fast track the development and implementation of the initiatives, the AASP has asked for the assistance of companies which are also dedicated to serving the spinecare field. The AASP offers numerous opportunities for businesses to enhance their name recognition and promote their products and/or services while supporting the mission of the AASP and offering benefits to AASP members.


The Academy provides a variety of different levels of participation which companies can use to gain unparalleled access to spine specialists and the public. A company can apply for an exclusive or non-exclusive endorsement for one or more of their products or services. The AASP can also help companies expose their products and/or services through the Educational Sponsor Program and/or the online Buying Advantage Program. The AASP uses educational initiatives, reciprocal links, click through web banners, publications, eBlasts, informational databases, and other advertising opportunities to acknowledge the role of participating companies.  Companies, wishing to maximize marketing visibility and support special programs or initiatives, can apply to become a Corporate Partner or Educational Sponsor.

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