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August 2007


The American Academy of Spine Physicans (AASP) has designed and developed its own line of brochures and other resources. The AASP does not want its members to rely on outdated and sometimes biased information. Many of the brochures currently available through other groups do not adequately prioritize cooperative and conservative spinecare. Timely publications help members inform their patients about the spine, diagnostic procedures, spinal conditions and available therapeutic options. The new series of AASP educational brochures cover a broad range of topics nessecary to inform patients about their spine condition and recommended care.        



Special brochures were developed to help members promote their role in spinecare and make referrals to spine specialists of other disciplines. An informed patient is more likely to be compliant and to achieve a better outcome with spinecare. The brochures will also help empower patients to refer friends and family members for leading edge spinecare. The professional appearance of the brochures and the powerful branding effect in the member’s office will remind patients and visitor of the member physician’s commitment to excellence in spinecare.


Some of the brochures are available in a Practice Development Kit made available to members of the AASP. The brochures are available in both digital and printed formats. Some of them can be personalized and customized. The brochures can be downloaded from a CD or from the AASP website. Some of these items are made available in the AASP Practice Development Kit, received as part of the membership benefits. Other resources are available in the online AASP store at a considerable discount to members.

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