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December 2006


In conjunction with the release of http://www.spinehealth.info/ , the AASP is issuing a unique and informative script pad which will become available to members of the American Academy of Spine Physicians as well as non-member physicians.  The script pad will be available shortly after the first of the year. 


The standard sized script pad will consist of tear off sheets listing approximately 33 common spinal conditions each with a check box next to it.  The attending physician can simply check the box next to the spine condition which the patient has and inform their patient to go online at http://www.spinehealth.info/ to learn more about their condition. Directions for accessing the online database are printed on the bottom of the script sheet. This will be an increasingly important tool for physicians.  Low back pain remains one of the most common medical conditions leading to a visit with primary care physicians.


Patients who become properly informed about their spine condition are more likely to be compliant with their care.  They will also be less likely to waste the physician’s time correcting misinformation that they may have obtained from the internet.  Patients will begin to expect their physicians to spend more time educating them about their condition and available treatment.  This new resource will allow the physician to facilitate the educational process and focus on providing efficient spinecare.


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