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November 2006


The American Academy of Spine Physicians (AASP) has opened up its National Directory of Spine Physicians (NDSP) in an effort to further develop the AASP Physician Referral Network, expand the Spinecare Awareness Initiative and provide the public with additional access to spine physicians.  This offer allows licensed chiropractic physicians and neurosurgeons to have a listing on the highly visible Directory at no charge.  The AASP invites each of its members including directory members to invite their neurosurgical or chiropractic   colleagues to obtain a listing on the directory, thus increasing their practice visibility and access to a local cooperative spinecare network.  This offer provides a unique opportunity for the member to extend something of practical value to initiate open communication to a fellow spine specialist. This invitation can be via the use of the online inform a colleague function or by sending an invitation by regular mail.  To help facilitate this process the AASP has also developed a form letter which can be personalized. This letter can be accessed at the following web address at, http://www.spinephysicians.org/dr4sitestf.cfm or http://www.spinephysicians.org/ and choosing the “Inform a Colleague” function.


Current members now have additional resources to encourage colleagues to join the National Directory of Spine Physicians.   These items can be downloaded, customized and sent to local physicians to facilitate creating a referral network. ( Click Here to Download  )



Each physician who becomes an AASP Directory member (as above), will receive the Academy News via email as a benefit. Full members of the AASP will continue to receive special acknowledgment on the directory so that all users are aware of those physicians who have made the commitment to conservative and cooperative spinecare and who have also applied and been accepted as members of the Academy.   Members of the AASP who receive Diplomate status with American Academy of Spine Physicians (DAASP) or Fellow status with the American College of Spine Physicians (FACSP) will continue to receive special acknowledgment of their academic distinction on the directory.


The online directory is often the first place the public comes to look for a spine specialist and to find answers to their spinecare related questions. Subsequently, it remains imperative that the directory be complete, accurate and user friendly.  We ask that all physicans currently listed on the directory take a moment to go to the Directory at http://www.spinephysicians.net/, to review your profile. You may go to the online directory home page and go to the area titled “Modify Your Profile” to update your information or you may notify the membership coordinator via email at kdorsey@spinephysicians.org with any corrections or additions.  For those who are not currently listed, you may set up your profile online by going to the area titled “Add Your Practice” on the Directory Home Page at http://www.spinephysicians.net/. The opening up of the National Directory of Spine Physicans will facilitate interdisciplinary communication and enhance the public awareness of available specialists in this field. ( Download Directory Resource )

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