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November 2006


The American Academy of Spine Physicians (AASP) has developed an educational alliance with Primal Pictures, a world renowned company which develops interactive educational resources. Primal Pictures was established in 1991 with a primary goal to create complete and medically accurate 3D models of human anatomy.  Their tutorial software is widely used for patient, physician and student education in over 20 countries.

Primal has developed an unprecedented  interactive 3-D tool on the spine using animations which show function, biomechanics, and relationships to disease. They have also incorporated clinical videos and text written by some of the leading spine specialists in the world. Primal has agreed to provide resources to members of the AASP at a considerable discount. This offer can be accessed online at https://www.spinephysicians.org/primal.cfm
Primal has also arranged for the AASP to place an interactive anatomy tutorial on the AASP website within the Public Information Center (PIC). You may visit this feature at https://www.spinephysicians.org/primal.cfm .

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