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November 2006


The American Academy of Spine Physicians (AASP) was invited to participate in a Symposium on Spinecare to be given in March of 2007 for the Ohio State Chiropractic Association.  Dr David Radford, a member from the AASP, has been influential in setting up the program. There will be numerous speakers of various disciplines.  Speakers associated with the AASP include Dr. Ed Benzel, neurosurgeon at the Cleveland Clinic, Dr George Dohrmann, neurosurgeon at the University of Chicago and Dr David Durrant, chiropractic neurologist at the Chicago Neuroscience Institute. All three are members of the AASP Academy Council.  Drs Dohrmann and Durrant hold prestigious Fellow status with the American College of Spine Physicians, awarded for academic achievement by the AASP. Additional information will provided about the symposia within the next few months.


For more information you can call Dr. Radford at 440-248-8888 ( www.backtalk.ws ). Members of the AASP will receive a discounted fee to attend the symposia.

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