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July 2006


The American Academy of Spine Physician (AASP) designed and implemented a new website home page this month.  Internet traffic to the AASP website continues to grow prompting the development of a new home page to better serve visitors.  The primary developmental goals were to increase the professional image, direct special groups to pertinent information, while also making the first page of the website informative and user friendly.  The new look provides more efficient access to information and also displays new functionality.  Flash technology is used to provide a quick and concise message to users.  There are five primary areas of access to information and resources on the Home Page. The five areas are as follows:


Ø       for Physicians……

Ø       For Students/Residents......

Ø       for the Public……

Ø       for the Media……

Ø       for Educational Sponsors…. 


The key topics assigned to each of these headings also leads back to a divisional home page which provides easy access to additional topics and resources related to the user category. With the exception of the member access area, all of the other portals can be accessed without a unique password or user ID.  The new home page also features an Academy News sign up area.


The new and improved AASP home page provides three viewing windows each with a simple search and retrieve function.  One window provides direct access to Academy News articles listed by heading. There is another window which provides the user with the ability to scroll through the list of most recently accepted members. The third viewing window provides a list of current online continuing education courses. 


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