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December 2005


The American Academy of Spine Physicians (AASP) has assigned a task force to help complete material for the Public Information Center (PIC). To date over 500 pages of text have been written for use on the PIC. In addition, detailed graphics have been acquired as well as developed for use on the PIC. The online public resource is in the final stage of development, which involves editing and the placement of graphics. When the PIC  is launched it will represent one of the largest online databases of need-to-know information about the spine and spinecare for patients and the public.


The PIC will be an invaluable resource for physicians. They will be able to direct their patients to the online resource for information about the spine, spine conditions, diagnostic tests and for information about the spectrum of therapeutic options. The PIC includes information about leading-edge, non-operative and operative treatment approaches. There is also information about self-screenings and how to maintain spine health. The projected release date for the PIC will be January 2006 and content will updated on a regular basis.


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